The Grand Show!

The entertainment at your event is The Grand Show. You may have engaged with your audience in hundreds of little ways throughout your event, but the main entertainment is designed to awe and impress your guests. You want to show case to your guests something you will all enjoy and maybe even be surprised by.

Your entertainment should:

  1. Reflect the aim of your event
  2. The demographics of your guests
  3. Your personality and style
  4. Your culture and beliefs
  5. Whether you would like guest participation or not

In this day and age, and with the ever advancing uses of technology, entertainment can be in a multitude of different forms and varieties. From the extreme; birdcage entertainment, robots, laser wizardry and toy soldiers on stilts to the more traditional; dancers, magicians, drummers and bands.

Whichever type of entertainment you decide to choose, remember to take time to appreciate it yourself.